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cctv camera housing

Countless times I come across people that have tried to install a camera system before me. The client ends up contacting me to come fix the cameras as the cameras seem not to be working any longer.

9 times out of 10, the wrong cameras were installed with an incorrect power supply and dodgy connections.

Please do me the favour, and rather install better camera’s at your place of work. This is generally the place where most instances of theft, stock loss and armed robbery occur. Many times I come across cameras that shouldn’t be allowed in this country, let alone hanging from your office roof. The quality of the picture on some of these cameras is shocking.

Rather pay a little bit more, and get a much better camera system, such as the Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV kits or HiLook (manufactured by Hikvision) we’re supplying now. They offer a superior Full HD 1080P picture, coupled with remote viewing and a great user menu that’s easy to understand and operate. Viewing on smart phones are also easy to set up and operate on the go.

Actually what I’m trying to say is, please don’t try get the cheapest cctv system you can find for your business.

You’ll regret it later when you actually need to try and identify that criminal who stole your car or money.

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2 thoughts on “Buy the right cameras for the right application

    • Sheldon says:

      No, what I was trying to get across was the fact that the Kguard cameras offer a fair price, for the camera system you receive. My point was don’t try put something cheap up at your house or business “for the meantime.” I’ve seen how these systems end up costing clients much more in the long run, especially when you need the extra clarity to zoom in on a thiefs face. You can see that it kind of looks like that person, but a court would never accept that evidence.

      There are better systems out there such as Hikvision and Samsung. With the bigger name, also comes the larger cost to the pocket though.

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