CCTV Camera Power Supplies

20A CCTV Power Supply Unit

A quick tip for everyone installing cctv cameras at their home or business.

12 volt wall plug adaptor

Always ensure that your cameras are getting enough power. I see this daily, where people try and use a basic 2 Amp wall plug power supply (As seen above), to try send power to a camera that is more than 50m away. They aren’t built for that sort of distance, but work very nicely with the standard cable between 20 – 30m.

20A CCTV Power Supply Unit

Rather look at upgrading your power supply to a box unit, (that we supply on this site) that pushes out a minimum of 10 Amp. They have fuses built in, as well as an interchangeable power supply.

Our CCTV cameras need a current of at least 1 Amp to perform properly, at distances of between 10m – 100m.

General Rule that I use for our Installations:

10 Amp CCTV Power Supply: 4 – 8 cameras

20 Amp CCTV Power Supply: 8 – 16 Cameras

30 Amp CCTV Power Supply: 16 – 24 cameras (Especially at longer distances)

That’s all from me. if you have any questions please give us a call on 084 920 2734 or

10A CCTV Power Supply Unit

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