What Hikvision camera should I use?

Hikvision 2MP Network dome camera

With regards to Hikvision cameras, it can get a little tricky choosing the right CCTV cameras for the job. Let’s try simplify it for you;

Indoor cameras:

4 Megapixel Hikvision IP dome cameras with a fixed lense – https://easycctv.co.za/product/hikvision-4mp-ip-dome-camera-ds-2cd2145fwd-i-2-8mm-lense/

4 megapixel Hikvision IP dome cameras with a vari-focal lense – https://easycctv.co.za/product/hikvision-4mp-vari-focal-ip-dome-camera-ds-2cd2745fwd-izs/

The dome cameras can be used outside and are waterproof, but we generally install them indoors, as they look better than bullet cameras.

A fixed lense doesn’t give you flexibility in terms of getting the perfect viewing angle, although in most cases, they give you what you want.

Whereas the vari-focal will allow you to zoom in, or out until you get the perfect viewing angle. The lense does not move up, down, left or right, but will allow you to zoom in and out. Zooming is done with a motorized lense inside of the camera, to make it easy for you. These cameras are great to have, although do get a bit pricey.

Outdoor Cameras:


These can be broken down in to the different distances you’d like to cover. Namely, if you’d like to see between 10 – 25m, 30m – 50m and 50m – 200m.

The smaller Hikvision mini bullets are great to use with their fixed lenses at the shorter distances, and give great picture quality and night vision. We normally use these on the corners of houses to cover the immediate perimeter of the house.


The larger vari-focal Hikvision cameras have a more flexible range, and have a infrared (night) range of 50m. We like to use these to look down drive ways, from the house itself, and to cover the open areas of the lawn, inside the walls of the property. They can also be used effectively, mounted on a wall or pole, looking down the length of the wall.


The other lot of cameras, have an extreme night vision range of 80m, although in my experience, it’s not possible to positively identify someone, or something clearly at that distance in the night or day. I would much rather recommend placing 2 cameras along the boundary wall, instead of just the 1. These are also used along perimeter walls, or to look down drive ways at distance.


PTZ Cameras:

This is a very flexible Hikvision camera, that comes in different models, more easily distinguished by their night vision range; 100m, 150m, 200m.

These are great to have, as you can move the lense, left, right, up, down and also have the ability to zoom in optically. The top of the range 200m Night vision camera, also has the ability to “Auto Track” and object, person etc. These are great to use on large expanses of lawn or open yards. All 3 models, have different patrol patterns that can be configured, so that you never miss anything. You can also control these from your phone.


At the end of the day, the choice of camera is entirely up to what you would like it to do.

Regarding the cable, where are you planning on running the cable? Is it going to be exposed to the elements, or will they all be hidden in sprague and conduit throughout?

We can assist with CAT5 or CAT6.

CAT6 would be better however, as the “noise” that the cable creates, is much less than that of CAT5, especially when bringing 32 cables in to a house at 1 point.

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